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We are situated in Ipswich, Queensland. Our factory, located just 9 minutes outside of Rosewood, offers appointment-only private tours for individuals interested in our building services.

The optimal method to obtain a quote is by completing the contact form on our website. Alternatively, you can request a no-obligation phone consultation to discuss your project details and receive a personalized quote.

At times, yes. We maintain a stock of second-hand buildings, and we can also construct standard-sized buildings (6 x 3m, 9 x 3m, or 12 x 3m) within 2-3 weeks.

We offer nationwide delivery services, with a majority of our clientele located in Queensland and New South Wales.

Granny flat projects typically follow a turnkey approach, managing the entire process from inception to completion between 12 – 16 week build time. Commercial projects range from 4 weeks for simpler builds to 12 weeks for more intricate constructions.

No, we do not offer leasing or hiring services for our buildings. However, we provide flexible finance options and rent-to-own partnerships.

Occasionally. Please contact us for current availability.

While we do not have a dedicated showroom, we offer appointment-only private factory tours for clients to observe our building processes firsthand.

Yes, we specialize in constructing modular homes of varying sizes. To receive pricing for 2, 3, or 4 bedroom modular buildings, please schedule a phone consultation with us.

Our standard sizes include 6x3m, 9x3m, 12x3m, and 15x3m buildings. Additionally, we offer customized sizes tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements, including the option to combine multiple buildings for larger complexes.

We can transport buildings up to 3.5m without requiring a pilot, and up to 4.5m with a pilot but without a police escort.

Yes, If you have a custom modular idea for a commercial or residential building project reach out to us today. We design, construct and install. We also have partners in Town planning and Private certification.

Building Construction Questions

Yes, our buildings feature insulated panel construction for both walls and roofs.

Absolutely. We can achieve BAL 26 or BAL 40 bushfire certification for our buildings.

Yes, all our buildings meet regulatory standards for Class 1a livable dwellings, as well as Class 5 commercial structures, and other applicable classes.

Our buildings are equipped with engineered galvanized steel frames, accompanied by Galvanized RHS Skids or I beam Skids for structures exceeding 9m.

Most commonly, our buildings are installed on galvanized steel posts for permanent installations, or concrete blocks and rod tie-downs for temporary setups.

Approximately 95% of our buildings are equipped with crane lifting points, facilitating safe and efficient installation without risk of damage.

Yes, all our buildings are modular and transportable, suitable for transportation via tilt trucks or super tilts.

Payment Terms Questions

We exclusively accept bank transfers and bank cheques.

Our standard payment terms consist of a 50% deposit, a 25% progress payment as stipulated in the contract, and the remaining 25% balance due upon completion at the factory.

Yes, we collaborate with a trusted broker to assist clients in securing financing options for building purchases.

Transport and Delivery Questions

Buildings under 9m in length are typically delivered via tilt tray trucks, while those exceeding 9m are transported using flatbed or supertilt trucks.

Yes, we handle all aspects of transportation, including installation, council approval, foundation preparation, and any other necessary requirements for the project.

Council and Local Government Questions

All our buildings are designed to meet council approval requirements, whether for Class 1a livable dwellings or Class 5 commercial use. We offer comprehensive assistance with council approval processes and compliance paperwork as part of our turnkey solutions.

Building Installation Questions

Generally, we manufacture all components in our workspace and deliver and install them on-site. However, special circumstances may warrant on-site construction, which we can consider upon request.

Yes, we offer installation quotes tailored to each project’s specific requirements

Our granny flat installations include plumbing and electrical connections as part of the installed price. For other projects, we provide customized quotes based on individual project needs.

The clearance between the bottom of the skid rail and the underside of the top frame ranges from 150mm to 180mm.

Our buildings can be installed as both high-set and low-set structures on various terrains. During the quoting process, we assess the site requirements and provide suitable foundation solutions accordingly.

Yes, upon providing the initial quote and upon the client’s approval, we schedule a site visit to finalize site requirements.

Our installations typically utilize galvanized steel posts for permanent residential or commercial setups. Alternatively, for temporary installations, concrete blocks and rod tie-downs are viable options.

During the quoting process, we assess property access and provide crane solutions if access limitations are identified.

To date, we have not encountered project denials through council approval processes. However, in such an event, we collaborate closely with clients to address any concerns and seek alternative solutions.

Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity of a granny flat. Key considerations include monthly roof cleaning, tree trimming to prevent overhangs, plumbing maintenance, and managing landscaping around the building. We provide guidance on maintenance practices to preserve the quality and functionality of your granny flat.

Queensland Regulations Around Granny Flats

Building regulations in Queensland can vary, encompassing guidelines on size, design, and approval from local councils. We work closely with town planners and private certifiers to ensure compliance with these regulations and can guide you through the process.

Yes, council approval is typically necessary for constructing a granny flat in Queensland. Any building structure exceeding 10 sqm requires approval in QLD.

Size and design restrictions are subject to local council regulations, which may vary. Our team can provide insights into these requirements and ensure compliance with applicable standards.

Granny flats typically require separate utility connections and adherence to building and plumbing codes. We manage these aspects to streamline the process for you.

Yes, in many cases, granny flats can serve as rental properties. We can provide guidance on the legalities and processes involved. Schedule a consultation for further details.

Costs vary based on factors like size, design, materials, and labor. Generally, a 1-bedroom granny flat can cost around $55,000 to install, while a 2-bedroom unit with additional features like a deck and patio may range from $90,000 to $145,000. Our installed and approved granny flats typically fall within the $85,000 to $120,000 range.

First home buyer grants or incentives may be available. We recommend consulting with local government authorities or conveyancer solicitors for information on potential grants.

Zoning regulations significantly impact granny flat construction across various regions in Queensland. Most granny flats fall under code assessable categories, necessitating building approval. Additional costs for full approval and paperwork, including private certifier fees and council charges, typically range from $7,000 to $9,000. Our pricing incorporates these expenses for transparency and convenience.